for busbar machine and Switchgear Cabinet Production Equipment

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    One of our busbar clients was planned to develop LV busbar. They signed the design contract with one company and came to us for machines. When our engineer studied the design and found that one data of their busbar type is not suitable. We recommend the suitable data to them and after calculation, they accepted. According to their production volume, this helps them to save at least 1 million dollars per year on raw material.
    busbar machine


    One of our switchgear box clients want to save labor as they found that they have too many labors,but their contract supply time is always delayed based on many workers with reasonable contract.We recommend our switchgear cabinet assembly line with whole inspection.With these machines,they can monitoring the worker's working efficiency and qualifed ratio which can achieve the original tracking.Now they have quit the unqualified workers and machines help them to control the supply time with good quality.
    Switchgear Cabinet Production Equipment