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What is the best fabrication equipment for bus bar?

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The best bus bar fabrication equipment supports many manufacturing processes with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, covering everything from manual tools to fully automated plant. It serves as a clear boost for your competitiveness.


Characteristics of the best busbar machines

Typical busbar fabrication machines for best operation


Characteristics of the best busduct machines

Copper busbars in preferred sized for quicker responses to the power & electric industries should be workable. Using the very latest fully automated CNC forming and processing machines, we can fix, process, rotate or rivet busbars to any specifications and will manufacture single units to large production runs. In combination with the CNC machine shop, waterjet machining center or fabrication section, larger or more complex parts can be catered for.


The busbar assembly machine can work efficiently and ergonomically with busbars. Simple, flexible handling is guaranteed with the static units for busway machining and the mobile copper workstation. A range of optional accessories such as support the creation of .


The coasting and sleeving are processed using industrial grade ovens and professionally trimmed to customer specification. Epoxy coating also available for more challenging shapes and applications.


For the best busbar machines, the very latest inspection equipment to ensure quality standards are maintained and the time required to inspect parts is also reduced.


Typical bus bar machines for best operation

By automatic assembly and fixing, the automatic assembly machine will help to reduce manpower and improve the product quality and working efficiency. The working principle is to recognize the busbar type and adjust all the parameters in the machine automatically by scanning the bar code. By module interconnection among PLC, network, touch screen and IPC etc., automatic assembly machine can also achieve information communication with ERP, automatic inspection machine and other related machines.


Apart from that, automatic assembly machine has self-checking functions by self- diagnosing each input and output signal to avoid failures. Furthermore, data statistics for machine’s OEE (comprehensive utilization rate) is helpful for future data analysis.


The busbar fabrication equipment facilitates the busbar processing process. The workstation is equipped with castors for mobile use in the compact workshop. The integral measuring unit also allows long busbars to be cut to the correct length. Four large drawers

provide plenty of space for storing all your tools and documents. Additional tools for machining steel and stainless steel can be operated flexibly and simply using insuatrial robots or busbar self-piercing riveting machines, etc.


Busbar trunking System is the system of distributing electric power using copper or aluminum busbar with suitable enclosures and good amount of protection to prevent the cables from getting damaged due to foreign bodies, which is mainly applicable to our high-quality busbar assembly machines.


Here are some typical benefits of busway trunking system:

1. Finishing is very good, hence adding to aesthetics of building; multiple floor building power feeding can be done with single Busbar trunking system; power tap off can be done from the single system installed. In case of the load changes we have to just replace the Tap off boxes of higher rating.

2. It consists of busbars in a protective enclosure, including straight lengths, fittings, devices and accessories with high short circuit strength & high fire protection.

3. Direct termination through busbars is simple and easy; it has a highly compact structure and can be bent up to 90 degree.

4. When sizing busbars, the designer only needs to make calculations on a single riser which reduces design time and costs.

5. Busbar systems cannot be damaged by various rodents, which prevents the steel casing.


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