busbar machine
Busbar production line
The busbar production line includes busbar assembly machine, busbar inspection machine and busbar packing machine. The whole line will achieve the automatic cycling work which will guarantee the busbar production volume and quality control.
busbar joint
Busbar accessory
We can provide the assembled joints. For matured client, we can provide the separate parts of the joint to them. Including double head bolt, belleville washer, busbar joint insulation tube, insulation plate and etc...
bus bar processing
Conductor processing machine/bus bar processing machine  
The bus bar processing machine is served for conductor bending,punching,holing,irregular or regular shaping and etc. The machine is digital which can increase the working precision. High efficiency work is another bright spot. 



Kehinde is a comprehensive scientific enterprise specialized in intelligent production and data analysis for the electricity manufacturing field. The company’s head office, Suzhou Kiande Electric Co, Ltd, is located in Suzhou known as Paradise on earth. Manufacturing center, Kiande (Zhenjiang) Automation and Technology Co, Ltd, is located in Zhenjiang known as China’s electricity island. Our main product have busway system production line, Switchgear Assembly Line, busway joint, busbar trunking panel accessories. We also have lv switchgear cabinet assembly line, rivet remover, 3 in 1 busbar machine, busbar joint insulation tube, High-performance busbar connect jointing box, and so on.
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Professional production and customized bus bar machine and bus processing related machinery and equipment, just like busbar cutting punching and bending machine, busway joint connection bar and other busbar accessories.
Professional production of various types of switch cabinet production line and other customized main switchgear cabinet Equipment, for example, mv switchgear cabinet assembly line, low voltage switchgear cabinet, rivet remover, switchgear control cabinet, and so on.
Specialized in import and export business, We are clients’ representatives to produce busbar fabrication, Switchgear Cabinet Production Equipment, Busbar joint, busbar accessories we also have cable tray production line, cable tray production line roll forming machine and etc.

Technology Patent Invention Certificate

We are a professional busway system machine manufacturer. There are a lot of invention patents about our products, like busway production equipment, Switchgear Cabinet Production Equipment,etc.

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-Busbar Fabrication Equipment and Switch Cabinet Assembly Line                  

One of our busbar clients was planned to develop LV busbar. They signed the design contract with one company and came to us for machines. When our engineer studied the design and found that one data of their busbar type is not suitable. We recommend the suitable data to them and after calculation, they accepted. According to their production volume, this helps them to save at least 1 million dollars per year on raw material.

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One of our switchgear box clients want to save labor as they found that they have too many labors,but their contract supply time is always delayed based on many workers with reasonable contract.We recommend our switchgear cabinet assembly line with whole inspection.With these machines,they can monitoring the worker's working efficiency and qualifed ratio which can achieve the original tracking.Now they have quit the unqualified workers and machines help them to control the supply time with good quality.

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27 November 2020
Which busbar machine is the most practical?

At present, because of the wide application of the bus, the bus machine is developing very rapidly in the market. At present, there are many busbar machines with different prices and styles on the market. As users have more choices, users do not know how to choose. This article will introduce you in detail to the three most popular busbar machines on the market and their advantages, and help you choose the most practical busbar machine for you.

25 November 2020
Simple operation skills on the bus bar machine

As a new type of distribution wire, bus bar is more and more people choose bus as the distribution wire because of its high safety and good performance. Therefore, busbar machines are now becoming popular in the market. The busbar machine is a cost-effective and easy-to-operate machine that can produce high-quality and large numbers of busbars in a limited time. Here are some simple operation skills of the bus bar machine. Learning these skills will help you use the bus bar machine better.

20 November 2020
Quality of bus bar fabrication equipment

With the emergence of modern engineering facilities and equipment, the power consumption of all walks of life is increasing rapidly, and the traditional cables as power transmission conductors can no longer meet the requirements in high current transmission systems. The busbar emerged as a new type of distribution wire. It fully demonstrates the superiority and safety and reliability of the busbar during high current transmission. While bus bars are popular in the market, people also attach great importance to the quality of bus bar manufacturing equipment. Because high-quality bus bar fabrication equipment is the guarantee of busbar quality. This article will tell you how to judge the quality of bus bar fabrication equipment .